HR Bloom

 Bloom is an advanced Human Resources Information System designed by team of HR Mangers from different field and different sectors.

Catering for the small to medium size company as it grows, managing all the personnel information, identification paperwork, vacation balances and all the staff relevant paperwork.

We understand that every organization is different, which is why we work closely with our clients across the globe to offer the best HR Management System that can work with you, not against you. HR is about people, not numbers, and our software has been designed with that in mind.

Personnel Information

Personnel information management is a basic function of any HR department. Enjoy enhanced productivity with the following features.
•    Decrease the possibility of data loss through management of personal employee information in a centralized location.
•    Use employee records to manage and update employee contact and passport and other documents information and travel information.
•    Manage employee job information by defining salary and other information.
•    Used to keep timely track of past work experience, educational details, skills and other criteria.
•    View and search employee details when needed.
•    Generate customized employee listing and filtration.

Assets Management

Bloom provides a basic assets management and assignment module. Assets can be defined with their picture and specifications, purchase price and purchase invoice can also be uploaded. Staff are assigned assets and will need to submit all assets at the time of leaving the school.

Leave Management

This module provides functionality of leave management of all employees. Management can register early leave plan for all employees throughout the year. Yearly leave balance is viewable at any time for each employee.

Tickets Management

This features manages tickets for tasks require outside department or Government department to act on. Either Exit-reentry visa issuing or renewal of Muqeem card, every job will be issued a ticket in order to track all tasks until completed.

Custom Reports

Bloom team can provide custom reporting for your organization based on your specific needs. Charts or excel sheets, these reports will be based on your day-to-day requirements for HR reporting and keeping an eye on the status of figures which matters to you the most.


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