Activ8 - Automate Your Process

Activ8 Collect is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for reports collection directly from field using mobile devices. Activ8 automate the data capture, information consolidation & reporting for its clients as per their need.



Our goal is to provide an exceptional product that fulfills a need in the industry, makes your workload easier to manage, and helps your business increase productivity and profitability. We at Reset Arabia are developing Activ8 to be one stop shop solution for all service based industries having difficulty in managing, scheduling and collection of reports from their field teams. Reset Team is continuously thriving to add more innovative features in Activ8 to meet daily demands & challenges of services sector companies like

  • Pest Control Companies
  • FMCG & Electronics Merchandising Companies
  • Brand & Product Activation Companies
  • General Survey Companies
  • General Service Delivery Companies



Schedule Management

Activ8 Makes it easy in adding & Managing stores, their locations and related schedules. Store location can be Geo-tagged either from the office or the merchandiser visiting it for the first time. The schedules can be a
single entry in the database or a repetitive (recursive).

Mobile Team Tracking

GPS and Network based tracking is natively supported by Activ8. Smartphone provide this feature to be used by our application. Activ8 reports mobile device user’s recent location after each 30 sec to Activ8 servers. This way back-office team can monitor movement of team on maps in near to realtime. Location coordinates are also submitted with each report submitted by mobile team.

Live Reporting

This is most important feature and basic building block of Activ8. Whole purpose of the Activ8 solution is to collect reports and data from merchandisers. Data collection form is different for all mobile device user types based on the customization. Reporting is done in realtime includes current location of mobile user. Apart from the usual data types, following special data types are also supported in reporting forms

  • Camera Photos
  • Signature Capture
  • Bar & QR Codes detection
  • Range Slider
  • Map Location
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